Scott is a animal specialist that goes and discovers spices of animals and today he was going to try and discover a new type of crocodile called the wide orange crocodile. within the area of […]

“Greetings Humans Of Earth”  “My name is peacky and I have flown in a box attached to a 35 meter helium balloon that has lifted me up to the reaches […]

It was a great Saturday morning. The sun was out blue sky it was a beautiful. Suddenly A great day became horrible. A huge nuclear bomb was ignited over the […]

SBC week 3

could you pick roses in a boat? could you pick them with a Goat? could you pick them in a box? could you pick them with a ox? no you […]

Luke! Leia! Han! we must fall back! “No!, Our job is to bring peace to the galaxy we shall not surrender to the empire!” The rebel alliance was under attack […]

Luke Skywalker was in the Mos Eisley cantina having a drink then a small staircase coret his eye so Luke got up and walked over and had a look but […]

We were at school it was lunch time we had decided to have a footy kicking contest there was 6 players Will,Zac,Oliver,Ethan and Myself. I was up first I was […]

this is my scratch spelling quiz it will teach you how to put words in the plural form for words

© I was on my way to find the Black Flamingo in the swamps of Zakuul. I’ed just started my journey to the planet of Zakuul in the outer rim. once I arrived […]